Ideas and Suggestions for a Narrative Essay

Ideas for Narrative EssaysComing up with a narrative essay can be very difficult, especially if you have very little experience in reading narrative works. They don’t have to be novels or short stories, even an anecdote or biography will actually do. But just because you have barely read any narrative work would mean that you don’t have a bunch of narrative essay ideas stored in your head. While you may have read very few works as an inspiration, your very hilarious friend who tells the funniest stories during lunch break can be just as good as an inspiration. That alone can generate a handful of narrative essay ideas. If you know anyone like that, try to imagine him telling a story and translate that story into written words. But here’s the catch: you have to make a point. Making a point is what separates short story ideas from narrative essay ideas.

If you still can’t find narrative essay ideas from your lunch breaks, then take a sit and prepare yourself to travel back in time. Was there any experience where you have learned something that you still remember up to this day? Is there anything that you have experienced that gave you a life-long principle that you still adhere today? Dig in to your memories; they have a bunch of inspiration for narrative essay ideas. Try recalling those stories and imagine that you are finally telling those stories through a series of written words.

If there is barely an experience that you have had that makes any connection to the point you are trying to make, there’s still history to back you up. Thousands of years of collective human experience is a great resource for countless narrative essay ideas. It is very easy to find a story from history that can connect with the point you are trying to make. If your narrative essay is about why we should give a second chance to traitors, then all you have to do is Google “stories of second chances for traitors in history.” If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, just simply use a variety of keywords. You have the greatest collective knowledge in all of human history at your finger tips; use the internet to its greatest advantage.

If nothing on the internet still captures your taste, then perhaps it is already time for you to hit on the books. They contain an almost countless number of narrative essay ideas. If you are looking for a certain style to adopt, find a work of fiction to read. If you are looking for a story to be used as the vessel of your essay’s thesis, a collective work of biographies can be a good choice.

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