Uses of a Narrative Essay Outline

Some people may compare writing a narrative story to a journey towards some unknown territory. This territory is sometimes unexplored even to the author himself. This may sound adventurous but it can actually make a terrible story. Many readers love being able to see twists in the story and if you tie that up with the “exploring author” style, the twists in the story won’t make any sense at all. As an author, you have to plan the story ahead of time. By making a narrative essay outline for your work, you will avoid the mistakes that every good writer wants to avoid. A narrative essay outline is like the grand design of a huge campaign towards the point you’re trying to make so make sure that you have planned everything.

A narrative essay outline has a few differences when compared to other objective outlines, specifically if it is a work of fiction. If it is a biography or a historical outline that you are currently working on, then the method of doing it can be simply chronological as for the rest, you can make interjections of past events into the present time of the story.

In making a narrative essay outline, the first thing that you have to do is to make sure that the story has a point to say. It can be moral lesson or an ideology. The next step is to create a vague synopsis of the story. All you have to know is what the story would be like.

Then make your character sketch the second part of your narrative essay outline. The character sketch is a collection of the story’s puzzle pieces. Also, from this pool of characters, you may choose who will be the narrator. If you want a more emphatic and a slow development towards the realization of the narrative essay, the protagonist is a good choice. If you want a cooler-headed character to deliver the conclusion of the story, use a supporting character, probably the deuteragonist. If you want a more authoritative approach in delivering the conclusion, use an omnipresent and omniscient narrator for the story. From this, you may now place in your narrative essay outline the key interactions that these characters will make.

The point of the story is what you are after so make your reader chase for it. Do it by simply placing the elements of the conclusion bit by bit in different parts of the story – some premises are at the beginning, some are at the middle. If you want a more stimulating approach, examine your narrative essay outline so that the conclusion would be discovered by the reader, rather than directly delivered by the story.

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