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If you are a college student or have been one, chances are you’ve been assigned to write a narrative essay at least once. You were probably asked by a current professor of yours to write one since you’re now reading this article in the first place. If you are worried about the task at hand, remember that some pre-writing jitters are totally expected. But to lessen the anxiety, there are some writing guidelines and tips that can help you do better in writing a narrative essay. For narrative essay help, continue reading this article.

The first tip in this narrative essay help is to do some brainstorming. Think about the subject at hand and your own personal experiences that are related to it. Get a pen and a piece of paper and jot them down into the page however way you want it, but do so in a manner where you’ll be able to synthesize these ideas into one idea or set of organized but compartmentalized ideas.

Once you’ve outlined all the ideas and stories on a piece of paper, it’s time for you to put them in groups. Match them according to interconnectedness and add new insights that might come up in the process.

The next thing you have to do is just write your narrative essay as if you’re telling a story to someone who’s right beside you. You can go back to the outline you have made after the brainstorming. Just write without preamble. This time, you need to focus on being a storyteller. Playing the editor part will come eventually. This is because you get a more natural or organic flow in your narrative if your brain is not being bombarded with anxieties related to grammar and structure.

Now as to editing, some narrative essay help should be received. First rule of thumb is to remove the unnecessary words. A well-structured sentence should convey an idea in as few words as possible. The second valuable narrative essay help you can receive is that advice telling you to do away with big words, at least on a conscious level. Nothing makes a narrative more awkward than a big word that doesn’t fit.

Once you’re done with the first draft, you can start editing the grammatical mistakes and the syntaxes that need work. This time, it’s perfectly okay to ask for narrative essay help. Narrative essay help can come in many forms. It can be from a book. William Strunk’s ‘Elements of Style’ is highly recommended. Or, you can have your professor read your edited draft and ask for suggestions and tips. Your professor should be glad to provide you narrative essay help. Nothing makes a professor gladder than a student who’s willing to learn, even more so if that help is asked of him or her.

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