Suggestions for a Narrative Essay Format

Direct persuasion in an essay builds up resistance from its readers. This is because people have a natural tendency to stick with the status quo. If you simply tell your point through a story in a narrative essay, you will have very little resistance from your readers. Using perfectly flowing narrative essays format makes almost no resistance from a reader because it is very subtle. It is just a story, until the point of the author is gently revealed and slowly, that point will be absorbed by the reader without him even noticing it. The flow of any written work is dictated by its format. It is the only path a reader could follow as he reads through the lines of an essay. Therefore, in order to lead your readers towards the point you are trying to make, you need to make a carefully crafted flow in your narrative essay format.

In any narrative essay format, there are four characters that hold the greatest influence over its readers: the protagonist, the deuteragonist, and the antagonist. A ranking of their ability to influence the reader cannot be ranked in general. It will always depend on how the author will use a narrative essay format to make any character influential. For example, the protagonist can be the driving force towards the point of your essay. You can also use the deuteragonist as the character that will state your essay’s point and change the life of the protagonist. The antagonist can also be used to represent the idea you are trying to attack.

After choosing the most influential character in the story, you have to choose a narrator that will serve as a guide in carrying out the narrative essay format. As a narrator, he doesn’t necessarily have to deliver the point of the essay although he may also do that; he just have to deliver the story to your readers while the rest is secondary.

The narrative essay format that you’ll come up will be decided by the story’s sequence of events. Contrary to what others might think, the revelation of the point doesn’t always have to be at the end of the story. You can actually place your thesis even at the very start of your narrative essay and use the story as the justification.

Mysteries and time skips may also be placed inside a narrative essay format, which will create intrigue and anticipation that will keep the reader captivated. These “gray areas” will reveal the point of your essay and the intrigue that has built upon it will make it unforgettable.

Finally, you may still have a narrative essay format – one that is chronologically arranged – that uses the conventional technique of revealing the lesson at the end of the story.

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