How to Write a Good Fictional Narrative Essay

Fictional Narrative Essays

If you want to be good at writing a good fictional narrative essay, the most important advice one can receive is: Read and write a lot. There are no shortcuts about it. Becoming a good writer is a long process. If you are ever asked to write a fictional narrative essay for a school paper, you’ll be at a big advantage if you’ve read a lot of books. But if you haven’t, you can at least brush up on writing fundamentals. As to writing fundamentals, the book “Elements of Style” by William Strunk is highly recommended. Don’t worry, it’s not a thick tome, and you can easily learn the most important rules in writing in so short a time. However, the lessons learned will amount to nothing if you allow all the knowledge […]

General Rules of Thumb In Writing a First Person Narrative Essay

1st person narrative essay

If you are writing a first person narrative essay, keep in mind that you are not just writing about your personal experiences. You are also making a point. And that point can be brought home to the heart and mind of the readers if you are able to deliver it in ways that are stimulating, creative, and sincere. If you write a narrative essay without a hint of earnestness, it would reflect on the material, even in the reader’s subconscious. Words have so much power when it comes to proving a point. A writer needs to have all the tools in his toolbox and harness them to their full potential. In the case of a first person narrative essay, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to follow specific rules just because you’re […]

Five Narrative Essay Tips for Better Narrative Writing

Tips for Narrative Essay Writing

When you write a narrative essay, you are afforded more flexibility in your writing. The fact that a narrative essay allows freestyle writing up to a point, it’s pretty common that the narrative can go off the rails and lose readers as a result. That can be avoided if the guidelines in writing a good narrative essay are followed. Here are the most important narrative essay tips: 1. Be concise Keep in mind that you are writing a narrative, not a technical paper. Your writing should be accessible enough to the target audience. This is one of the narrative essay tips that are also applied to writing narrative fiction. Don’t use complex words that only a few would understand. Complex words and syntax can disrupt the reader from the thread of your narrative. […]

Suggestions for a Narrative Essay Format

Direct persuasion in an essay builds up resistance from its readers. This is because people have a natural tendency to stick with the status quo. If you simply tell your point through a story in a narrative essay, you will have very little resistance from your readers. Using perfectly flowing narrative essays format makes almost no resistance from a reader because it is very subtle. It is just a story, until the point of the author is gently revealed and slowly, that point will be absorbed by the reader without him even noticing it. The flow of any written work is dictated by its format. It is the only path a reader could follow as he reads through the lines of an essay. Therefore, in order to lead your readers towards the point […]

Uses of a Narrative Essay Outline

Some people may compare writing a narrative story to a journey towards some unknown territory. This territory is sometimes unexplored even to the author himself. This may sound adventurous but it can actually make a terrible story. Many readers love being able to see twists in the story and if you tie that up with the “exploring author” style, the twists in the story won’t make any sense at all. As an author, you have to plan the story ahead of time. By making a narrative essay outline for your work, you will avoid the mistakes that every good writer wants to avoid. A narrative essay outline is like the grand design of a huge campaign towards the point you’re trying to make so make sure that you have planned everything. A narrative […]

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