How to Write a Narrative Essay Thesis

How to write thesis for a narrative essayIf you are asked to write a narrative essay thesis, then the rules that you are familiar with about writing a thesis paper could use some changes. And those are not minor changes, either. It is a major overhaul. For one thing, a narrative essay thesis has a different set of objectives than the formal thesis that we are familiar with. To understand how to write a narrative essay thesis better, continue reading this article.

As the term itself implies, you are supposed to write a narrative. By general consensus, a narrative is supposed to tell a story. A story, of course, should have its own set of objectives. You are not writing just for the sake of it. By way of narrative discourse, you are pointing out a particular truth or set of truths.

The narrative essay thesis is more flexible in form. It allows the writer to write about his or her own personal experiences related to the subject matter of the thesis. So it’s safe to say that you can use the classical rules in writing a good story. One of these is the “show, don’t tell” rule. Your narrative can have more impact if it’s written in a way that the readers will feel like they are experiencing the story themselves through actions, senses, thoughts, and feelings that were conveyed in your writing. The objectives of your narrative will have a more profound effect as a result.

The best way to go about writing a narrative essay thesis is to do brainstorming first. Just because the format is more flexible doesn’t mean that your narrative shouldn’t have any structure. So think of ideas related to the subject matter of your narrative essay thesis and use the method of free association. Write them all down and organize them into brackets or into a family tree. Synthesize all these ideas. As you go along, you’ll find out that new ideas will appear out of the ether, and the new insights that come up can be used to add more value to your narrative essay thesis.

As you write your narrative, remember that it should be from the first person perspective. It’s a narrative after all. And the tone of the writing should be sincere. That’s why you should have a genuine interest for the subject matter. Chances are, even if you fake it, the disinterest and disconnectedness will be felt through the writing. Vitality in narrative is ever present when you are writing about things that you are passionate about.

You can talk about the thesis proper sparingly in a narrative essay thesis. The part where the thesis should be mentioned is in the opening paragraph, preferably in the last sentence. The statement mentioning the thesis should also be connected to the conclusion so that the tone of the whole narrative is more consistent.

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