How to Write a Narrative Essay

Learning how to write a narrative essay isn’t actually very difficult. This may sound ridiculous but remember that the most important part in knowing how to write a narrative essay is careful attention to the things you read, the fluidity of your thoughts in writing, and the accuracy of your spelling. Those are enough for a start, but remember, being able to do something doesn’t make you good at it.

How to write a narrative essay? A good narrative essay is not just one that can tell a story; it is the type of story that has to make a point. The story you are writing is just a vehicle for you to deliver the point you are trying to make.

An easy way to make your point is to attract the empathy of your readers. The more a common reader can relate to your story, the easier it is for them to understand your point. For example, remember that time when your crush was talking to you about something so trivial? Chances are likely that as he or she is talking to you, you have all those chattering that makes a lot of noise in your head until you finally reply with a very stupid sentence.

In learning how to write a narrative essay, especially one that is written from a first person point of view, inserting mental chatters is a very effective way to make the narrator more human and also more entertaining. Try to be light-hearted. Oscar Wilde once said that if you want to tell the truth you have to make them laugh, or else, they’ll kill you.

In order for you to get a better glimpse on how to write a narrative essay like that, here’s an example:

As I was walking across the hallway, I saw Norman. He is… as stunning as ever. Then I saw him looking at me, then he smiles, then he walks… Ohmygodhesapproachingmeee!!!
“Hey Jenny, have you seen Mike?”
I know what to say. I haven’t seen him but I can help him find him, and then he’ll thank me, and then we’ll go on a date!!!
And then I said, “No. But I can help you find him.”
Then I realized that it’s really not that difficult to talk to your crush at all.

Learning how to write a narrative essay with a more “mythic” feeling requires the use of a third person’s point of view. Make a few deviations from the typical words you use but don’t have to make your readers browse a dictionary every now and then. If you know how to write a narrative essay with a mythic feel to it, your point makes an effect larger than life so try to use these tips from time to time.

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